Do Levi Jeans Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Can Levi’s go in the dryer?

“Don’t tumble dry your denim but rather air-dry them inside out,” Levi’s suggests.

“You’ll save water, energy and time – and your jeans will look better, denim is a fabric that gets better with age.”.

Does Levis have a warranty?

All Levi’s® brand products have a limited 2 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects. This warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper care, or the natural breakdown of materials over an extended period of time.

What is Levi’s return policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return or exchange your unworn and unwashed merchandise within 60 days of purchase.

Why do my Levis keep ripping?

Likely caused by the friction between your legs, and stretching if they were a bit too tight. This. It’s likely your jeans are a size too small. Also, living in the UK Levi’s are a ripoff.

How do I stop my jeans from ripping in the middle?

Denim patches applied to the inside of the jeans at the inner thighs before wearing will protect that area and lower the chances of having your jeans blow out. Men find that wearing boxers keep their jeans longer; the same holds true for women.

Why do my pants keep ripping?

Pants generally rip or wear out around the inner thigh region due to friction caused while walking/ running/ movement of legs. The friction causes when the thighs rub against each other.

How often should you wash your jeans?

A good rule of thumb is to wash your jeans after every 3-10 wears, or when they start to smell. If you’re regularly active in your jeans (think: manual work, anything where you work up a sweat), wash them every 3 wears, but if you’re working at a desk, you can probably go up to 10 wears.

Do Levis replace ripped jeans?

I was browsing r/Frugal and /u/AvsJen commented that Levi’s has a lifetime warranty policy on their jeans. They will replace your damaged jeans, all you have to do is contact them (, then pay for shipping the pants to them.

How long should a pair of Levi jeans last?

four to five yearsBut that’s not much fun. I’ve never purposely wear-tested a single pair of modern Levis … simply because I always have a drawer full of them. I would suspect your average pair, worn and washed an average amount, would last at least four to five years.