How Much Does Orangetheory Charge If You Miss A Class?

How much do you get charged for missing an Orangetheory class?

What if I missed an Orangetheory class I’d signed up for.

At my local gym, members are charged $12 if they miss a class or if they cancel eight hours or less before the class begins.

This policy is set in place to make sure that classes are filled to capacity if there are that many people who want to attend..

What is Orangetheory cancellation policy?

Short Answer: Orangetheory Fitness allows you to cancel classes, but to avoid a fee, you must cancel a set amount of time before the class begins — usually around eight hours before. If you cancel late, you’ll pay a fee of $10 to $12.

What happens if I miss a class on Classpass?

Whether you late cancel or miss a reservation, the reservation will not count as one of your studio visits and the credits used for the reservation will be returned automatically. Note: Flywheel/Flybarre classes need to be canceled by 5 pm the night before the class to avoid late cancellation fee.

How late can you be to an Orangetheory class?

Late Cancels/No Shows: If you are registered and do not show or cancel less than 12 hours before the class time, you will be charged or a class will be deducted per the terms of your Membership Agreement.

How often should you attend Orangetheory?

Those who are members of Orangetheory Fitness will stand by it through-and-through. The “afterburn” theory can play a major component in fat-burning, but many enthusiasts do claim it doesn’t come easy. For optimal results, you may want to attend four to six sessions per week, along with a healthy diet.

How many hours do you have to cancel Orangetheory?

8 hoursIMPORTANT REMINDER TO ALL MEMBERS: The 8 hour Late Cancel/No Show Policy at Orangetheory Fitness requires all members to cancel at least 8 hours prior to the start of class. This policy is enforced at every OTF studio.