Quick Answer: Can You Make Ray Ban Sunglasses Prescription?

How do I send a prescription to Ray Bans?

Take a clear picture of your prescription and text it to 58381.

Scan or take a picture of your prescription and upload it in digital format.

Email it to RXservice@ray-ban.com..

Do I need prescription sunglasses for driving?

Because prescription sunglasses are often the best solution when you want clear, comfortable vision outdoors or when you’re driving on a sunny day. They eliminate glare and the need for squinting in bright conditions, which can reduce vision and cause eye strain.

Is it bad to wear prescription sunglasses all the time?

Once you start wearing your prescription glasses, you may find that your vision is so much clearer that you want to wear them all the time. If you are comfortable, then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t wear your glasses as much as you want.

How much does it cost to put prescription lenses in Ray Bans?

To put Ray-Ban prescription lenses on your Ray-Ban sunglasses our pricing starts at $59.95 and it depends what material and tint you choose to add. You can choose to add single vision rx (most common for either near sighted or far sighted,) or progressive lenses (both rx in one,) as well as choose polarization options.

Is it worth getting prescription sunglasses?

The short answer is yes! Sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun by blocking ultraviolet (UV) rays, and we should wear sunglasses outside on a regular basis. If contacts or transition lenses are not an option for you, it’s likely that prescription sunglasses are worth the price.

How much should prescription sunglasses cost?

Single vision from $39 (cheapest frames and scratch resistant lenses). Most popular offer: two pairs for $199. Add $50–$70 for anti-reflective coating per pair.

Can you buy Ray Ban Arms?

At ReplacementLenses.net you can find all Ray-Ban eyewear replacement parts. Lenses, temples, frame arms, nose pads, pad arms, screws, hinges, rims, eyeglass lenses and bridges among others, for all Ray-Ban models. If you cannot find anything, why not ask us and of course, without any commitment on your part to buy it!

Do Ray Ban sunglasses have a lifetime warranty?

TERMS. Luxottica warrants that the purchased product is free from manufacturing defects (in material or workmanship) for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

Can I make my sunglasses prescription?

Almost any designer frame will be able to accommodate prescription lenses. However, most low-quality sunglass frames don’t have the stability or structure for such use. Prescription sunglasses are gaining in popularity, as more and more people are realizing their benefits.

Can I get my Ray Bans adjusted?

Yes, the glasses must be adjusted to the physiognomy of each one. The glasses and sunglasses come with standard sizes and shapes, although they are our size and they fit well, they can fall off because we need to adjust them to ourselves.

Where can I send my Ray Bans for repair?

How We Can Repair Your Ray – BansVisit a location near you or mail your glasses to one of our regional mail in repair centers.If you have a question about our Ray – Ban repair services, please call our national customer service line at (480) 628-5330 or contact us by completing our online form.More items…

Can I get replacement lenses for my Ray Ban sunglasses?

Restore your Ray-Ban sunglasses with replacement lenses from Revant, designed to match the quality of your original lenses at a fraction of the cost of new sunglasses. Backed by our 1-year warranty.

Where can I buy Ray Ban glasses?

Shop our exclusive selection of Ray-Ban Glasses available online at Target Optical. Discover a full range of Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses with an unmistakable style and available in different frames and colors. Custom Made To Your Prescription.

Where can I buy prescription Ray Bans?

Ray-Ban Glasses & Sunglasses with Prescription | LensCrafters.