Quick Answer: Does Divine Smite Stack?

Can you divine smite twice?

TL;DR: other than “1 spell slot per attack” and “max 5d8 damage or 6d8 versus undead/fiends per use of divine smite” there are no limits..

Can you use lay on hands on yourself?

Yes. Powers, Features and Spells that you cannot use on yourself explicitly state as such.

Does divine smite stack with thunderous smite?

You absolutely can. It’s a bonus action to cast the spell, and no other action to use divine smite, as you just need to hit a creature. … Only stipulation though is that you have to cast thunderous smite BEFORE you attack though, because AFAIK per the wording of the spell, it wouldn’t work if you hit before you cast it.

Can you smite while raging?

You can smite divinely while enraged. It’s a feature triggered when you hit with a weapon attack. … No, raging does not prevent you from using Divine Smite.

Can you stack smites?

You can stack a Divine Smite with a Smite Spell because Divine Smite is a free action when you hit something with a melee attack, but you can only have one Smite Spell active at a time.

Can you smite twice in a turn 40k?

You cannot have one psyker cast Smite twice, because that breaks the rule “A psyker cannot attempt to manifest the same psychic power more than once in a turn.”

Can you stack Eldritch smite and divine smite?

3 Answers. Yes, they stack perfectly well. Neither ability requires an action to use, so as long as you hit with a melee weapon attack that happens to use your pact weapon you can use both.

Can you cast Smite multiple times 5e?

The Paladin can smite as many times as he/she can land a hit and has the spell slots to fuel it. Yes, it can be a potentially massive amount of damage, but it’s also being powered by a fairly finite resource.

Can you smite on an opportunity attack?

As far as RAW (Rules As Written) the paladin is able to use divine smite on any attack they make, even Opportunity Attacks.

Does divine smite crit?

Under my DM’s current ruling, the Divine smite would not double it’s damage on a crit. Obviously everything is up to your GM at the end of the day, but RAW this is incorrect. The PHB states that “if the attack involves ANY other damage dice, you roll those dice twice as well.”

Does divine smite break concentration?

Divine Smite and the various Smite spells are different features, and nothing in their description precludes them from working with one another. The Smite spells use Concentration, but Concentration allows using other spells and features, as long as they don’t require Concentration themselves.

Is Eldritch good smite?

Eldritch Smite is great because of its auto-prone. It’s also great if you’re not a fully-classed Warlock and have a source of spell slots other than your Warlock spell slots.

Does Eldritch smite crit?

Eldritch Smite caps at 6d8 force damage, or 12d8 on a critical hit. The Eldritch Smite invocation specifically requires a “warlock spell slot”, referring to spell slots granted by the Pact Magic feature.

Can a paladin smite with a thrown weapon?

Per Crawford, No: you can’t use the paladin’s Divine Smite with a thrown weapon.

Is divine smite a bonus action?

However, your player is right about the Divine Smite combo because while thunderous smite is a spell that is cast using a bonus action before you attack, Divine Smite is not a spell and does not require a bonus action it is a class feature that requires no action and is used after you hit with an attack.