Quick Answer: How Long Does The FCE Exam Take?

What should I study for FCE exam?

Fast and Easy Steps to Prepare for the Cambridge FCE ExamKnow what’s inside the exam.

It’s always good to know what to expect.

Check the CEFR level descriptors, especially for B2.

Work on your English reading skills.

Improve your English grammar and vocabulary skills.

Listen to British English.

Practice speaking to real people..

How do I pass the FCE?

» How to pass the Cambridge First Certificate exam. Read the Instructions first. Make sure you know what to do – always start by reading the instructions first! Don’t feel discouraged. … Keep an Eye on the Clock. … Reading tip. … Writing tip. … Use of English tip. … Listening tip. … Speaking tip.

What happens after a FCE test?

After the FCE has been completed and the report has been provided to the treating physician, the doctor will review the FCE report with you. … Depending on the results, the doctor may write you back to work full duty, back to work with permanent restrictions, or back to work with restrictions for a short period of time.

How many points do you need to pass CAE?

You need 32/50 to get 180 on the Cambridge Scale (= a pass). If you wrote ‘interested in to go’ as your answer you would get ONE POINT.

What is the most difficult English exam?

4 Hardest English-Language Proficiency Tests in the WorldThe IELTS English Proficiency Test. IELTS is the most widely recognized English proficiency test in the world. … The TOEFL Exam. … The PTE Academic Test. … UN Language Competitive Examinations.

Does ielts result expire?

Does the IELTS result have an expiry date? IELTS result is only valid for two years from the test date. This is to ensure the reliability of the test results since language skills of individuals may develop or deteriorate in a span of two years.

How long does the FCE exam last?

3 hours and 29 minutesHow long do the exams take? The FCE exam lasts for 3 hours and 29 minutes, while the CAE exam lasts for 3 hours and 55 minutes and the CPE is 3 hours and 55 minutes long. The IELTS exam lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

What is the pass mark for FCE?

160The score you need to pass is 160. Look at this graphic: As you can see, grades C and B cover the B2 level, while an A at First Certificate is at the lower end of C1. You can also see that an A at FCE is similar to a C at Advanced level.

How is the FCE exam graded?

If you achieve a scale score of 180–190 (grade A) in your exam, you will receive the First Certificate in English stating that you demonstrated ability at Level C1. If you achieve a scale score of 160–179 (grade B or C) in your exam, you will be awarded the First Certificate in English at Level B2.

What is FCE English test?

B2 First, previously known as Cambridge English: First and the First Certificate in English (FCE), is an English language examination provided by Cambridge Assessment English (previously known as Cambridge English Language Assessment and University of Cambridge ESOL examinations).

Is FCE exam difficult?

The FCE is a very challenging exam which tests all language skills -reading, listening, writing, grammar and most importantly speaking. You need 60% to pass and have to do all the tasks under time pressure.

What level is the FCE exam?

The B2 First, commonly called ‘First’, is without doubt the best known of the Cambridge exams. It allows for official recognition of a superior intermediate level of English (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

How can I prepare for FCE exam?

HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE FCE EXAM: SPEAKING TIPPaper format. The FCE Speaking paper is made up of four parts and lasts approximately 14 minutes. … Tip # 1: Give full answers (Part 1) … Tip # 2: Organise your talk (Part 2) … Tip # 3: Work collaboratively (Part 3) … Tip # 4: Respond constructively and show interest (Part 4)

Is FCE useful?

Another important advantage of the FCE is that it is a well-respected and recognised qualification – all over the world. … If you wanted to learn at a college or university in an English-language speaking country, having the FCE shows that your language skills are strong enough to study there.

Where is FCE accepted?

Some of the leading organisations that already accept our exams include Stanford University, Dartmouth College, University of Sydney, King’s College London, The Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, Microsoft, Adidas and American Express.

Is b2 level English good?

A B2 level of English would allow you to function in the workplace in English, and indeed, many non-native English speakers in international workplaces have this level of English. A person working in English at a B2 level will, however, lack nuance particularly outside his own field.

What is the difference between FCE and CAE?

As mentioned above, the FCE primarily assesses test takers in the CEFR B2 range; whereas, the CAE primarily assesses test takers in the CEFR C1 range. The FCE is an upper intermediate level English assessment, while the CAE is an advanced level English assessment.

Is FCE valid for life?

How Long Are the Certifications Valid? Unlike the TOEFL and IELTS exams which are only valid for 2 years, the Cambridge exams (FCE & CAE) are valid FOR LIFE! Never take another English exam again!

How do I prepare for b2 first?

Practice at home with B2 First Certificate sample tests and questions, published by Cambridge. These practice tests can also help you decide if the B2 level is what you should aim for. You can download them or do them online. Plan out the time you think it will take to prepare for the exam.