Quick Answer: Is A High Infant Mortality Rate Good Or Bad?

How does the US rank in infant mortality?

According to this year’s America’s Health Ranking Annual Report, the U.S.

infant mortality rate is 5.9 deaths per 1,000 live infant births, while the average rate of infant mortality among the OECD countries is 3.9 deaths per 1,000 live births.

Compared with other OECD countries, the U.S.

ranks No..

What does a high mortality rate mean?

noun. the relative frequency of deaths in a specific population during a specified time, often cited as the percentage of human deaths during a public health crisis, or of wildlife deaths due to environmental perils: Patients over the age of 80 had the highest mortality rate during the last flu season.

Why is United States infant mortality so high?

The two main reasons for the higher U.S. mortality were “congenital malformations, which patients cannot really do much about other than ensuring adequate screening during pregnancy, and high risk of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy, which should largely be preventable through appropriate sleeping arrangements,” …

Which country has the highest SIDS rate?

More recently, the highest SIDS rates (0.5 in 1000 live births) were in New Zealand and the United States. The lowest rates ( 0.2 in 1000) were in Japan and the Netherlands. Since 2000, the SIDS rates in most of the countries have de- clined minimally.

Is high infant mortality rate good?

Generally, especially compared to the worldwide statistics, American babies have good survival rates in their first few weeks of life. … This might be due in large part to the prevalence of unintentional injuries and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) among American babies.

What does high infant mortality rate indicate?

Infant mortality represents an important component of under-five mortality. Like under-five mortality, infant mortality rates measure child survival. They also reflect the social, economic and environmental conditions in which children (and others in society) live, including their health care.