Quick Answer: What Is A 28 Inch Waist In Women’S Size UK?

What is the average waist size for a woman UK?

The researchers found the average waist measurement for women is 84.9cm (33.43in), compared with the healthy size of 80cm (31.49in)..

What waist size is a size 28 in women’s?

Width in CM from one side of jeans to the other. Measure width from one side to the other….Men to Women’s Jeans Size Conversion Chart.Men’s Jeans SizeWaist Size (inches)Women’s Jeans Size2526” – 26.5”42727” – 27.5”62928” – 28.5”83129” – 29.5”106 more rows

What is a size 28 in jeans UK?


What is a US size 6 in UK?

Kids Shoe Size ChartFoot length (Inches)US SizeUK Size5 1/85.555 1/465.55 1/26.565 5/876.534 more rows

What size is a 28 inch waist UK?

UK Size GuideUK SIZESBUSTWAIST886271088.5281293.5301498.5328 more rows

What size is 28 waist in women’s jeans UK?

Jeans and TrousersUK Waist Size in InchesUK Waist Size in CentimetresEuropean Size26653828704030754232804415 more rows

What is w32 in UK size?

PantsSizeUSAUK30W30/L341032W32/L3610-1234W34/L361236W36/L36144 more rows

Is a size six a small?

Size 6 measurements are equivalent to those of a medium size. Sometimes, size 6 to size 10 are also considered medium, but anything exceeding that is considered large and extra-large.

What size is a 28 inch waist?

Dresses, jackets, coats – US sizesUS Size210Waist (inches)2428Hip (inches)34.538.5Bust (cm)82.592.5Waist (cm)61712 more rows

What size is a 8 in UK?

US SizesEuro SizesUK Sizes7406.57.540-4178417.58.541-42813 more rows