Who Is The CEO Of The YMCA Of The USA?

How many YMCA are there in the US?

2,700 YMCAsIn the U.S., the Y is comprised of YMCA of the USA, a national resource office, and 2,700 YMCAs with approximately 20,000 fulltime staff and 600,000 volunteers in 10,000 communities across the country..

What does YWCA stand for?

Young Women’s Christian AssociationStand Against Racism became a signature campaign of YWCA USA. The corporate name changed from “Young Women’s Christian Association of the United States of America, Inc.” to “YWCA USA, Inc.”, effective December 15, 2015.

What does YMCA stand for now?

Young Men’s Christian AssociationWord forms: YMCAs YMCA is an abbreviation for ‘Young Men’s Christian Association.

What do you need to work at the YMCA?

Lifeguard – Available as part-time, full-time, and seasonal jobs, the positions require AED, First Aid, and CPR certifications as well as completion of Red Cross lifeguard training programs. While many facilities hire on new lifeguards as young as 15, some YMCA centers may prefer applicants 17 and older.

Is the YMCA a private employer?

The YMCA of the USA is a not-for-profit, charitable organization offering various services to local, independent YMCAs throughout America. It provides assistance in many areas, including accounting, financing, purchasing, and programming.

How old is the YMCA song?

“Y.M.C.A.” is a song by the American disco group Village People. It was released in 1978 as the only single from their third studio album, Cruisin’ (1978).

When was the YWCA founded?


What makes the YMCA different?

We believe that through the creation of spaces, people can come together, connect and create impact. People – inspirational people who are part of the YMCA community and make a difference. Programmes – services for children, young people and families, built upon Developmental Assets and which meet local needs.

How much money does the CEO of the YMCA make?

The typical YMCA President and Chief Executive Officer salary is $102,696.

Who started the YMCA in America?

George WilliamsGeorge Williams founded the YMCA in 1844. He joined 11 friends to organize the first Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), a refuge of Bible study and prayer for young men seeking escape from the hazards of life on the streets.

How does the YMCA make money?

BIG BUSINESS. The YMCA is the nation’s largest charity in terms of earned income, the second largest by contributed income. … Meanwhile, 31 percent came from charitable contributions, government contracts and grants. The remaining came from fees for YMCA rooms, resident camping and more.

What are the benefits of working at the YMCA?

HEALTHMedical Insurance.Dental insurance.Health Savings Account.Dependent Care Account.Life Insurance.Long-term Disability.Telemedicine.

Is the YMCA owned by a church?

Despite its religious origin and name, the Young Men’s Christian Association (which has no connection to the Young Women’s Christian Association or the Young Men’s Hebrew Association) has a secular mission. … The Y’s $4.2 billion in annual income is bolstered by government grants and corporate donations.

Who are YMCA competitors?

YMCA’s top 9 competitors are Southern Queens Park Association, SAY San Diego, San Diego Center for Children, NSC, FYI Solutions, American Red Cross, YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, YMCA England and Police Athletic Leagues of New Jersey. Together they have raised over 17.4M between their estimated 25.7K employees.

Where is the headquarters of the YMCA?

Geneva, SwitzerlandYMCA/Headquarters

What is the YMCA in America?

Today, the nation’s 2,400 YMCAs are the largest not-for-profit community service organizations in America, working to meet the health and social service needs of 17.5 million men, women and children in 10,000 communities. Ys are for people of all faiths, races, abilities, ages and incomes.

When did the YMCA start in the US?

June 6, 1844, London, United KingdomYMCA/Founded